Friday, October 21st, 2011

feed time

We like to feed your cat on a diet, which is the same, or is as close as possible, to the one they are used to at home.

We keep a selection of high quality dried food and Whiskers Complete. We also have a variety of the main branded wet food, such as Whiskers and Felix in gravy and jelly. Cats are fed on a mixed and balanced diet of both wet and dried twice a day. If your cat has medical needs which dictate special feed times or they are young kittens we can accommodate this.

There is always water available for your cat which is checked and changed frequently throughout the day. We are happy to feed cats on prescription or special diets provided by the owner. Feeding is twice daily, am and pm, or more frequently with kittens and cats with special needs.

prescription diets

We understand that some cats require a prescription diet, whether it is to help tackle weight problems or for more serious medical reasons we are quite happy to feed your cat in accordance with your instructions when it is provided by the owners.

special diets

We are not able to provide all of the products on the market but are quite happy to feed your cat with the food you provide if you think your cat is extra fussy and will not eat what we feed, although most cats do eat and enjoy the food we provide. We always have something to tempt them into eating!!